Reviews for "Create-A-Ride"

Ricer Simulator 2002

Cool little 5 minute time waster. Decent graphics, lots of part options, I think there should be a bit more you can do with the car though. Would give this three stars originally but, the fact that this game has an option for music and Biggie is one of them means that this no question gets five stars instantly.

Childhood spent playing this and RuneScape side by side. It's still THAT good.

Despite it's age, this game still holds up. It's still fun, you can still waste hours on it, and i'd still gladly take this over the crappy Pimp My Ride games made for Xzibit and his show.

I may be 14 15 years late but this such a childhood nostalgia to me!I come back for the music every-now and then since its the thing that stuck with me ever since I played back in '08 (currently 1 month away from being 14). But i sometimes try my luck with quick reaction time minigame!It's fun, but it annoys me how I got 0.512!0.012 seconds off, really?Anyways, great game and I would recommend it even for its age!