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Click Maze 2

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After many requests I have re-released this game with a minor change. This game is the same as Click Maze except the cursor is not affected by the black walls or objects.

This is a maze game with clicks and a cool PAR style scoring system. Try to complete all 10 levels in as fewer clicks as possible.

The aim of the game is to click the small red pill through the maze avoiding all the black walls and obstacles in order to reach the large red pill in as few clicks as you can.

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Who remembers this from their childhood?

how about click maze: save my game edition.


it so bored it suck

What a maze!

When I first heard of this game, it seemed like you were going to do one where you would not hit the sides. I guess I should have listened to the title better. The cool thing was how you had no idea what was going to show up next in the game. There was a unique design for every level. While this game did not have the most detail, it was still fun to play because the design was simple and you did not need to have elaborate things going on to make a good game. The sounds were cool, too.

There's even a cute noise you hear when you click the "Click Start" button. It is amazing how simple lines can be used to create a fairly complicated game. The coolest thing was how quickly the ball just went across the screen. I am glad this managed to at least get a couple tens of thousands of views. For a maze game, it's all around cute.


its fun in the beggining but then it turns out borring