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Reviews for "Click Maze 2"

Pretty cool, but not addictive.

I enjoyed this game, kept me busy for about 10 minutes. The graphics were simple, they could have been better. The sounds were nice I liked them. I liked some levels, they were challenging and kept me thinking of how to pass them with less clicks. The scoring system was good as well.
But I got bored with this game after a while. The lack of things to do made it boring and I've lost my interest for it. Even with the diferent mazes. There should have more things to do, like reaching a point before going to the big pill and go to the next level.
It's still a nice game, but it could have been better.


Of all the various maze games out there, I like this one because it works for people with all kinds of pointing devices, and it lets a person plan out strategically, waiting for the right moment. It's basically putt-putt, only you can't touch the sides at all, and the ball only rolls where you want it to. The design is similar to other maze games in color scheme, but the level design differs greatly from other maze games, as you play further. Each level gets harder and harder until you're really challenged to make it to the goal in as few clicks as the par. This is a game for a patient, and observant person, learning the timing of things. If you like sneak-thief games, this game should appeal greatly to you, too.

I like

The gameplay is pretty smooth and the idea of a click count at the end of each level gives your a sort of strategic incentive.
It's pretty good, simple, but nice.
When I first saw it, I thought it would be another some of those "yays, mov3 curs0r nd hit mspaint box" but it was well made and somewhat addictive.

Good game.

Weird Virtual Mini Golf

This game is like some sort of weird virtual mini golf game. I really like it. The music is good and the levels are challenging, but not too hard. Keep up the good work.

=] Lol

:) Enjoyed it :)

Sequel? I think so :p


Apparently my review was too short so im making it longer =]