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Reviews for "Click Maze 2"

this is great

i got pretty far but this game rocks! im ading the aoutor to my favroit and the game


Pretty easy.

very good!

takes a little practice, but a great pick-up-and-play game. classic mouse game with a new and fun twist

Game is simple to pick up and play,

This is a perfect game. Its simple to understand, it makes you think, and its very addicting! The Music is great too!

Nothing new, but it's good...

Face it, Mazes have been the single most popular flash game "genres" since Newground's Flash Portal opened up, and most of them go along the same, mediocre lines that are easy to cheat, but strangely fun to play. This game, however, is different. Coming off the recent jmtb02 craze, Click Maze 2 brings the same old thing to the table, but in a much more professional looking way, but are good graphics enough to make a player sit through the same maze game they've played for years?

On a visual front, this game is undeniably good looking. It all runs at a smooth frame rate, and the level design is top-notch. As soon as you boot it up, you'll notice that what your playing isn't your average made in 2 hours maze game. However, as mentioned before, this is nothing jmtb02 hasn't accomplished before. The simple obstacle graphics make hit detection work beautifully. Not once when playing this game will you notice the slightest glitch or hick up. It works like a charm, and is done in such a manner that any other flash designer looking to make a maze should take note.

In further efforts to be unique, Click Maze 2 offers a different control scheme then traditional. Instead of simply dragging your mouse where you want to go, you have to click in order to move an on-screen ball in an almost Mini Putt-esque way. It works for what it's meant to accomplish (but that's not too much) and the par system doesn't really help make this game seem any more original.

All in all, if you played any flash maze game and you're tired of the same old stuff, you might want to try this game out. However, if you've played some of the more higher-end entries in the maze genre, you won't find anything more then another time killer here.

FGD Head Writer