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Reviews for "Click Maze 2"

Pretty Good!

This game was simple, but very fun. My only suggestion would be unlimited lives, because as stated by other reviewers, it simply isn't fun to do level's we've already done =D


Love it! I got pretty far, but sometimes for people who are impatient (me) it would be nice to have a few more lives because starting over is a dragggg! Haha, but I'm just being a poor loser, amazing game dude!

Good but...

needs some form of continue option, or otherwise unlimited lives. Starting from the beginning is not fun cause the player's already seen them and it can get boring. An option for visiting previous puzzles would be a nice way to let the player try them, but forcing them to play through each one is not a good idea, playability-wise imho.

Good game though, was fun.

Really fun

Really fun game! I really enjoy games like this, what i would like is a game where its just a really tricky maze, but the mouse and ball thing isnt affected by the walls, but could bounce off and stuff.

good game

its a good game but the only problem with it is that when you do get far it anoyin when you have to start right back at the begining...

apart from that its good...