Employee of the Month.

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Hello. My name is Sebastian Berto. I AM THE REAL SEBRAT.

Someone stole my animations from my DA account (http://sebrat.deviantart .com/) and posed as me under the name 'Se-brat' here, to try and win the Halloween competition.

Tom was the one who notified me (thank you). I am in control now and all is good. (just wish I could delete his comments!
So this piece isnt exactly complete. I submitted it for my final second year 2D animation project at uni, but I had to rush some of it. I plan to upgarde it at some point. The main thing is the out of sync sound and the sloppy pose to pose frames. Have fun.

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I can relate.
Nice work.
The animation cracked me up.
If You can't be the employee of the month well you sure can were his skin.


The end was very disturbing
I like it very much....I mean people would do anything to be employee of the month...lol


That was great... Very different... I love the voices.


Wow I really loved that.. especially the audio!

It reminded me of Ralph Steadman, who did the art for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..

That was amazing, but the end was a little much. I think that it was a bit too violent to fit the rest of the movie.

Anyways, awesome!


That was err.. dodgy
specially the end