Reviews for "Employee of the Month."


first of all what the hell was that thing, and second the ending was weird, good job!


Fantastic animation, the voice and sound was superb! The build up was long, suspenseful and justifying! Truly a great, if Tom does not have this favourited he soon will have it.

You deserve to win AT LEAST SOMETHING minimal, you are talented.

Thank you for a great flash!

Sebrat responds:

Too bad someone already took all the credit for my work. Someone actually stole this off my Deviant Art page! I got controll of this account now, so its all good. But I hate to read his previous responses which I cannot delete!


This is great! You have such unique style, and the story far more original than anything I've seen on NG. I loved the sound too, even if it was a bit strange. Great job!


I liked it becuase it was soo abstract but in a way it also made a lot of sense...
btw when the red monster thing puts on his co-workers skin I couldn't stop lauphing....I know im pretty sick


that was pretty dumb...

Sebrat responds:

Yea it was...

but it was sort of meant to be.