Reviews for "Employee of the Month."


first of all what the hell was that thing, and second the ending was weird, good job!

:| :| :| zomgwtf

that was hilarious
it deserves like 8/10, but im just trying to raise ur score because little naruto losers have brought your score down so low
nicely done
why does the sound kick out after a while, oh well the silence made the ending better? THe very last pic and the very first pic will haunt my dreams

Sebrat responds:

Thanks. the sound is bad because someone stole my movie and posted it under my Deviant Art name. I was going to finish it properly, but then I realized that it was suddenly on Newgrounds!!! So scary.

PS....What are the Naruto losers?


All i can say is wow, 5/5


Lol that was just.................weird. I really liked the sounds though and the animation was great! Good Work!


Wow I really loved that.. especially the audio!

It reminded me of Ralph Steadman, who did the art for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..

That was amazing, but the end was a little much. I think that it was a bit too violent to fit the rest of the movie.

Anyways, awesome!