Reviews for "Employee of the Month."


Lol that was just.................weird. I really liked the sounds though and the animation was great! Good Work!


I loved it; specifically the monster's noises


5/5 and 10/10
I love this movie. It the sound were like Mr. Bean or something, what really made me laugh xD

Sebrat responds:

I recorded the sound in like 5 minutes. First I recorded two mins of voices and then two mins of ukulele and the one min to mix it down. HAHA! I was in such a rush.

WHat shall I say?

This was simply awesome! Good work! The bizarre retro cartoon look made me wondering first why it´s supposed to be halloween. But the absurd ending fixed that and was wonderful unexpected! Really good!

Sebrat responds:

This wasn't for Halloween. It was my university project.
Someone stole it from my DA page and posed as me here to try and win the Halloween contest!
I got it back now thankfully. But it has been taken off the front page.


So, great animation, except that the fucking dick that posted this is NOT THE PERSON WHO MADE IT, and it was POSTED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

( this animation is actually made by sebastianberto.newgrounds.com / sebrat.deviantart.com )

Sebrat responds:

Thanks so much man. I am so glad the issue was dealt with quickly.