Reviews for "Employee of the Month."

what team of chimps did this?

this looked like the combined efforts or some retard institute! oh wait don't tell me you were the best of them

Sebrat responds:


yep, I agree.

Man I seriousely feel like a chimp after working so hard on it and then having it stolen...

It is incomplete by the way.


All i can say is wow, 5/5

My Review

Okay. Put a little more effort into it dude. You worked and worked, and them took like 2 hours and made the ending. It's like an old flash you just through an ending on. Very bad. No story, No interactivity, No emotional roller coaster ride. Just wierd. Not that wierd is bad, just your wierd is bad.

Sebrat responds:

I can totally see where you are coming from.

I doubt i would have posted this on Newgrounds in this state, but someone stole it and tried to post it for the Halloween contest! Lucky I was informed by Tom. I will try to finish it soonish and re-upload it.

thanks for being honest


Wierd and funny

:| :| :| zomgwtf

that was hilarious
it deserves like 8/10, but im just trying to raise ur score because little naruto losers have brought your score down so low
nicely done
why does the sound kick out after a while, oh well the silence made the ending better? THe very last pic and the very first pic will haunt my dreams

Sebrat responds:

Thanks. the sound is bad because someone stole my movie and posted it under my Deviant Art name. I was going to finish it properly, but then I realized that it was suddenly on Newgrounds!!! So scary.

PS....What are the Naruto losers?