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Wow, this really sucked to make. Anyway, a few things you should note before watching this:
1. It starts off very slow. Infact, the first 10 or so seconds will just be a completely blank screen which fades in slowly, this is because the song fades in, and the animation goes with the song, so the animation fades in as well.
2. It is pretty fucking graphics intense. I already have the quality set to medium automatically, other than that, there's nothing else i can do. Sorry.
3. Yeah, it doesn't have a story, and if you're expecting a story, don't watch it. The flash makes about as much sense as the lyrics. And last but not least
4. Write constructive criticism, please :)

Also, my website is not working properly as of now. This animation was finished on the 4th, but I wanted to update my website before i submitted it here. Unfortunately, it looks as if that is taking longer than it should with some technical difficulties, so screw it, i'm submitting anyways.

Enjoy the film!



There were some good graphics in there, but when the video is only following a line and showing the lyrics at weird angles I find myself wondering why am I watching this. The song wasn't terribly impresive either. Finally, the graphics I do find interesting are often overshadowed by me trying to read the lyrics.


weird and random i liked it hope it stays.oh and make it shorter

notorious responds:

well i can't make it shorter now that it's already done silly!!


I understand you put alot of work into this, but DEAR GOD! ITS SOOOOOOOO BORING! All you do is sit there, and watch a bunch of words scrambled around. I'm sorry, but this is probably the most boring thing I have ever seen on NG.

notorious responds:

uhhhh that really wasn't very helpful

please read the author's comments

Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!!

THAT is some seriously great flash right there! earthsick is mind-boggling its stunning! Grade A+ work that deserves proper credit!

Ok enough with the formalities, earthsick is obviously beautifully rendered and was strategically planned out to the minutest detail. earthsick is also obviously a very entertaining cognizance vitiate (My new 25-cent phrase!), and anyone who doesn't "get it" shouldn't try to get it. I dont know why or how but that statement manages to make sense.

I hope this is the sort of review you were searching for Josh (the animators name at the end was Josh correct?) and if not well I tried. So once again, great work, I really have no constructive criticism mostly due to you being far greater at Flash than myself, and I cant wait to see more!

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notorious responds:

thanks for the way awesome review! And yes, lol, this is really the kind of review i wish everyone would give lmao

P.S. i went to your profile and looked at your favorite flash, you have great taste!!

Very well done

And an absolutely incredible job with the synch, which must have been extremely difficult. Artistic and dreamy -- great work!

notorious responds:

haha glad someone can appreciate the immense difficulty of the syncing- which was 3/4 of the time spent on this flash.

Thanks for the good review!

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4.06 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2007
8:11 PM EDT
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