Reviews for "earthsick"

Kick ass dude.

I don't care what other people think, and you shouldn't either. This video was awesome. You say you put a lot into this...well you didn't need to say it, because it shows.. I just wish my comp was faster, cuz it was a little choppy. Pretty sweet song too. There was only one thing I didn't like...near the end when there were those flowers floating around, and a couple lines from the lyrics came up, it was really hard to read...maybe that was the concept for that part, but I wish I knew what it said. 9/10 I look forward to more from you.

nice idea, poorly executed.

it was cool for the first 30 seconds then it got repetitive and old. You shouldve thought more of what should happen with the background images. Not just random stuff going on, like someone smoking. You got like 10 different types of animations going on in the background and the rest was just lyrics.
Next time make a storyboard of your ideas you want to make, while syncing with the music, more animation please.
Have in mind that not everyone likes that type of music, and I dont really care what the lyrics say.


As it seems all that you are looking for are good reviews I'll try to refrain from sounding to critical.

The overall presentation was good, it flowed seamlessly with the music, and the animation was smooth.

My gripe was that it all had a rough look to it, not in an intentional way but in an incomplete way. The words (which is the bulk of the flash) looked very digital. I would of liked to have seen more with the line (the other major component).

I would like to see more atmosphere and camera effects. The foundation of the flash has been laid. Don't stop, keep fine tuning to really make it something worth watching.

Truly a work of art!

I must say that I sincerly belive that this is one of the greatest things I've seen on NG. You say that it doesn't have a story but I'd say other wise. While trying to figure out the pattern of the lyrics I heard something about a boy rushing like mad just 'cause he was late home for dinner. That made me aware of how it must be to be a child. Hearing all these words but not seeing any logical pattern what so ever. It must really be confusing, I wouldn't know since I do not remember back to when I was as young. Also I think that the whole movie kind of made me consious about all the nonsense thing we spend like half of our life at. Also it felt really random and that's kinda what life is, random. You never know what to expect or what's going to happend. I enjoy thinking deep thoughts, since I do read meta fyschics and study to be a psycologist. So to sum it all up. Great stuff. I really enjoyed watching it and it suited my current set of mind. Keep it up aye!

notorious responds:

damn, dude, you're a genious.

thanks for the good review!

Very well done.

This is extremely well done and, might I add very fun to watch. I hope you continue to release, as well as create, more animations like this.

notorious responds:

thanks for the good review!