Reviews for "earthsick"


I'm not one to write reviews much, but as I just finished watching your flash--all I can think to say is: "Amazing." I will be honest, in the beginning, I wasn't all impressed and I was sure I would just close them screen, but for some reason I didn't and finished watching it.

It was beautiful.
It was strange.
It was creepy.
It was...
And I loved it.


i hated the song. the guy singing it has an awful voice, and the lyrics are just stupid.... The animation was good enough though. next time u do somthing like this pick a better song. Seriously that was the worst song ive heard in months and im not even that picky with music :P

a not very helpful review :)

your author comment are a little too whiny for my taste..

other than that you can see there did go a lot of work in this piece ^^

Awesome... Awesome!!!

This was crazy. The Idea was amazing, and the song was great. I know how tough it was to sync the words correctly, so great job! I'd love to see another in the future!



I thought it was ok,but you need to add more emotional animations with what the guy is saying not just the lyrics,i could've got into it more if you woulda animated what the guy said,i really didn't like the song but i'm not gonna take off points for that.i hope my review was helpful