Reviews for "earthsick"

Hmmm. . .

Trippy. Other than that is was good.

I liked it :D

It was a pretty good music video, the animation was smooth, and the song was awesome. 10/10

Whee, randomness!

How on earth did the person who wrote that song come up with the lyrics? XD I love the total randomness.. and your animation matched the lyrics perfectly. I loved it.

notorious responds:

Thanks! I have no idea how he did it he is one crazy mofo

I LIke the Timeline lyrics effect u gave it.

It reminds meof the movie catch me if u can. how the intro to that movie was. ITs not bad if i was u on ur next music video add more stuff like go to a differnt part to a small clip then go back to teh time line lyrics or something. peace

notorious responds:

lol this is the only music video i'm making in this lyrics/line format.

Thanks for the helpful review though!

Very interesting.

I like the way you did the flash, very good, using the line and all as it followed along. I was expecting an animation, and that's what might confuse people, as this is more of a Music Video, ya? Well, either way, I think it was really good. It's not music I'd listen to all the time, I think though ;D

notorious responds:

uhhh it's an animation as well as a music video

anyways thanks for the good review :')