Advanced Flash Tutorial!

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Hey there!

Fancy learning how to put a pause and play button onto your movie?

Ever wondered how to make your buttons even more exciting?

Ever been stuck on how to acheive a certain affect in your animations, but simply been unaware that the tools you seek are right in front of you?

Look no further than this tutorial! :D

For Users who already know the basics!


Right, Please tell me in your review if you don't like the music, and what style you think it should be instead. (Music updated - it's calm and relaxing now).
Also, I would be grateful if you pointed out any typos to me.


Updated motion guide part. Now you can see the line I drew for my motion guide, as was suggested by a reviewer.
Typos are fixed - I think. Still if you see any more... tell me!


This tutorial is my first flash submission - but not my first project - don't worry, I know what I'm talking about. ;D

I WILL respond to your reviews. :D

I hope you find this helpful and informing. Once you view this, you will realise how important things like masks and motion guides are.


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The preloader is too confusing because drawing a frame?wtf?

Good Job

I have a problem with the quality button tut. I put everything correctly and it says I have a syntax error on line one (on (release) {). Are you using AS2 o AS3? Other than that though you did a fine job making this.

Neo-13 responds:

AS 2.0.
Where did you put this code? Make sure it's in the right place.
What does the output box say about the error? You've probably put it on the frame instead of the quality button. Change that, and if that doesn't work, PM me with a more detailed explanation and I'll be glad to help.

Dang it

I already know how to do all of this.

But great job anyways on teaching the new people.

Thank you so much!

your tutorial made my menu so awesome!

Neo-13 responds:

You're welcome. Glad to have helped.

Well done

Although I wouldn't call this "advanced" (no offense intended) it was still a good tutorial.

Looking forward to erm, your next flash application! lol

Neo-13 responds:

Yeah, I know it isn't advanced - bear in mind I made this after about a month of buying Flash. Also, I had to say something like that otherwise people would complain that I didn't explain how to make a button or whatever. Perhaps on reflection it was the wrong word, but what's done is done!

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Aug 7, 2007
3:22 PM EDT
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