Reviews for "Advanced Flash Tutorial!"


Why your preloader isn't working completely: You have added quite a large song file. If you checked "export for use in actionscript" and "export to first frame", it will be loaded before the preloader shows up. How to fix this: uncheck "export to first frame". And then make a movieclip that contains your music in the frame right after the preloader (before you actually use it), if you don't do this, the song won't be a part of your swf file. Also make sure that the song doesn't start playing automatically in the third frame by selecting "Stop" at the Sync in the properties pannel.

A lot of people make this mistake, this would actually be good for a tutorail, wouldn't it? ;)

Neo-13 responds:


This is great!

I'll definitely be using this.

Neo-13 responds:

Thanks - I already love you! :D

not bad at all

this is one of the better ones that i have seen. i love the animated buttons. keep up the good work.

Neo-13 responds:

Thanks :D

this was a nice tut

i like the fact that you dont show people the same old stuff that are already in the portal. i would like to see more tutorials from you.

Neo-13 responds:

Oh ho ho - maybe there ARE more on the horizon - actually there aren't atm ;D
I'm currently in the process of making a game and animation series so ive got a lot on my plate.

However this only took me 2 days to make...