Reviews for "Advanced Flash Tutorial!"

Hey thanks!

You have a really great tutorial here. It looks really expertly done compared to some of the other tutorials I've been watching. Sounds, motions , content is all top notch when you made this. Really great job.

You helped me figure out why the hell my sounds don't work when I make Pause and Play Buttons (gotta set it to stream!) Also, was great for refreshing me in things I learned but haven't used yet.

Neo-13 responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad to have helped out with your problems.

freaking needed

Half of the stuf in this tutorial i freaking needed! Thnx so much! you rox, very helpful tutorial!!!

Neo-13 responds:

No problem. Glad to have helped.



Neo-13 responds:

No problem.



its a pretty well animated tutorial but the only peice of information i wanted was WAAAAAAY to vauge. Its pretty informative but there are some instances that are very vauge. Im pretty good with flash and this was still kind of hard to follow although some of it is pretty descent and well written.

P.S. Could you just pm me instructions on how to make an animated button?

Neo-13 responds:

Sure. Thanks for the feedback.
An animated button is fairly simple... just make an MC with the animation in it, and then insert the MC into the up/over/down frame in the button.
I'll PM you with a more detailed explanation.

Great tutorial!

Wow, amazing tutorial. Teaches people a lot in a short period of time, and thats what I like about it.

Neo-13 responds:

Thanks for the review. Not only does it teach in a short period of time, it also took a short period of time to make. :D