Ng Mod Meat 2007

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This is an intro to the story I have on my site about the third mod meat. Basically some forum mods met up with everyone at the NG office in Philly for a wild weekend of wacky adventures.

Go here for more pictures and stuff: http://500bestsongsever.1 22mb.com./2007modmeat/pag e01.html


Good stuff.

The mod meat sounds pretty fun.

Interesting idea...

I liked how you used Mortal Kombat elements. That was pretty creative. Each character represented a mod, which was cool in a way but some characters didn't mix well. For example, Wade is the black guy? He's fucking white for god sakes! Anyways, the story, I felt, was quite random and stupid. It had some scary elements in it like the music and that made the story more interesting. It's cool to see the mods doing funny activities, especially Maus ruling over the internet. It looks like she's playing an organ with a really evil face. I can't wait to see what 2008 has to offer. Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching this! Great Work Poxpower! :D

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poxpower responds:

I just randomly ripped them off some site that had them animated. I just made sure the girls ( and Dan ) were female characters,that Funk was Kintaro and Tom was Shao Khan.

Anyways this is more of an intro, the real point is to have people go see the website, but I doubt a lot of people will anyways.

intresting but.....

You guys get to have all the fun i.e male flashing, kinky bronze pedophillia, an a wide screen tv being used for gaming :(

any ways other then the male stripping witch severly creeped me out (one man should never see another mans pubic hair) it was pretty good and well put togather exspecially with the pop ups.

by the way, how does one go about gettting invited? if its highlander style, kill someone whos already invited (I know thats not highlander but close enouge, say no more im already sharpening the clever, ill probably go after the stripper

it was interesting to see that enouge women come to this sight to have 2 of them invited. i wish i was invited althouge as you can tell from the lack of points i have im quyite talentless and quite noobish, i wouldnt be surprized if inviting had nothing to do with it

you guys really have to much time on you hands, i never realized you put so much effort into this site, heck you were making prototypes for awards.

you must also have jobs right? or atleast still live with your mothers, considering that members dont have to pay fees, any money you got would from this would need to be donated, and i havnt actually ever seen a place to donate... you to good for my summer job money? THATS IT ISNT IT!!!! i should have known
i bet no one will ever fully read this if only because its so long. while its nice to prattle on but......................

poxpower responds:

Well if you ever want to come, you can either join the forum and post patiently until you become a moderator ( might take a while... like.. years ) or maybe you can start making lots of awesome flash movies and then ask to come next year. Though you'd still have to post in the forums or else we'd all be like "who the hell is this guy?".

Yeah the NG guys at the office have so many insane projects going on right now...Tom's really into games and Flash... what can I say? Newgrounds his not only his job, it's his passion.

And the site makes money... and we have jobs so we just take time off to come, it's only like 4-5 days.

:) good.

Looked like fun. With all the drinking and picture taking. I liked the whole mortal kombat theme.

I can dig it.

Nice touch with the closing song.

Kitty Krew sucks Kock.

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3.85 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2007
8:47 PM EDT