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Primal War 13

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It took me awhile but I finally had it completed. chapter 13 was the toughest episode to complete of the series . I apologize for the huge file size but there is alot of frame by frame animation which I even had to cut out senes to keep it within 10 megs . Its the most animation dedicated to this series becuase I wanted the Showdown to be worth waiting for. Please enjoy.

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I admit I missed the dialogue in this, but it was still quite nice. The animation really does stand out. I especially love how the pillars are shown tumbling. It's just a great effect. It's still unsettling to see breasted snakes. You know, non mammal mammaries.

The music was great too. I do wonder why dinosaurs are drawn like reptiles. I keep hearing they're more related to birds. Maybe that was something later they developed? This is still a great series.

That was pretty awesome but why is the Dinosaur Emperor just like a couple levels of strength and toughness below the White Gorilla rather than many levels below like most of his subjects? Is he, like the White Gorilla perhaps, descended from a god or something? Great job nonetheless.


I don't know where to start, you obviously have a great idea here, the animation is within professional standards and the artwork is fairly decent. Now I just wish I had your talents, very nice work! Do you have any tips on how others could animate as well as you? I'm assuming you went to school for art/animation? I guess that would be a start for me.

vdhd no commment

i would think the dino boss guy would have died of blood loss or something after the white gorrila started winning but he's like this zombie raptor or something.


Hell yeah

Gorilla kicked the dinosaurs butt 1000x harder then the dinosaur boss guy on the gorilla. Gorilla > Dino Boss.
5/5 10/10