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PALADIN episode 5 part 1

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DO NOT vote poorly because of lag as the result of the detail I put into this.
There is a LAG FREE VIDEO version on youtube I encourage people to see (go to my website for details) if this version lags for them.

This animation and its second part have taken over a year and a half of FULL TIME work to complete. It's all a one man production so please vote accordingly, because in the end all that time in making this finale, has been utilized to make something as entertaining to you all as possible. ENJOY!!


Epic in every aspect

This is just really awesome, your characters are well developed and the echoing voices kicked ass!

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Even Better than I expected!!

Jazza, you are unbelievable, this thing took you a year and a half to create this, and it's all been paid off! The only thing that would be wrong with the animation is the choppiness, but I think you said that the DVD had waaay better quality, so I guess I'll have to get it.

Overall, this was the perfect animation. You don't see ones like these anymore. And like I said a billion times on the forums, you're like the greatest inspiration to animators, well, ones at the level that I am at. For those who haven't been to my buddy's website, please go to it. It's amazing! Jazza had just redesigned the whole website just at the release of the animation. PLEASE check it out.


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Clearly shows a hefty workload

But I didn't really enjoy this cartoon. I was hoping for a greater improvement in the quality since the last installment.
I'm not a very big fan of this series because of its overused storyline and still annoying character designs. I really had hoped that the heads would look nicer this time around. Only slightly did they improve. The thick strokes and bright colors of this cartoon and the other installments deters me from getting involved in any serious matters in the cartoon. The bird was just as annoying as he was last time.
The sound quality was great. Though the voice actors sounded like they were targeting a younger audience, they were clear and sharp. The music seemed a little generic, but still fit well with the events.
I had to give some points into the humor, because it is oftentimes to difficult to take it seriously.
Overall I was a little let down when I consider all the time that was put into this cartoon, and all of the contests and pump-up for its release. Still, I'm sure it will appeal to the fans of this series, and it fits well into the episodic canon of PALADIN. Good luck on the next installment.

Could have been better

I just watched paladin 1-5(1) and you've gotten alot better since the beginning. My only big problem with this is the crappy cliches and horrible sudden plot twists. Paladin just lacks creativity, I've seen the same story a thousand times, however I'm looking forward to seeing how you end this. I wonder if you can shock us all or leave me disapointed. Good luck with paladin 5(2)


I loved it! I see what took so long though. It must've been all that frame by frame voice animation. You had to animate all that talking and all. I know how that could be. I'm doing the same thing. But I must honestly admit that you've gotten alot better with the frame by frame animation. You also have a cool style. I dont understand though how you went about getting it on DVD though?! I would really appreciate some advice on getting my animation on DVD. I think broken saints got a DVD out of their episodes too. Thanks in advance.

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4.32 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2007
8:03 AM EDT
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