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Reviews for "PALADIN episode 5 part 1"

nicly done mate

very nicly done. i found this after commenting on your music. at first i was thinking this would be crap. i then saw the dp for it. and went...hello...i might be wrong...and HOW.

this was great a good story and this is my first episode i've seen. the evil guys voice...i've herd from xin. anyway nicly done. and a good use of D.O.F (depth of field)




Wow, one thing i know that i just have to mention is that the voice acting in this flash is *Scans through memory* probably the best i have ever heard in any flash animation, heck its better than alot of commercial animation voice acting and beats the pants of 99% of video game voice acting.

The animation was abit skippy, but only compared to animations that arent done frame by frame, there was alot of detail in each frame so it defeats the not so smooth animation on a scale that leaves me to say that i'm highly impressed.

I loved how there wasn't actually alot of action in this on and rather focused on character development which you don't get alot of on newgrounds, and you executed it amazingly.

I've been following the paladin series since the beginning and i'm glad to say that what started out as what seemed to be an excuse for fantasy violence has turned out to be not an amazing storyline, but its there and its easy to see and it does leaveway for lots of fight scene's, so its all good.

I'm going to have to go over the old episodes all over again now since as far as i remember, the necromancer ruined the paladin's whole life, and thats reason enough to kill some one surely? However i get the feeling your building up to something with this so if part 2 turns out to be breathtaking by you taking this route then it will easily be forgiven.

Amazing stuff and if i lived in the us and had enough cash i would definately buy the dvd.

One for the road! Amazing voice acting.

Jazza responds:

just to let you know, when you said 'if i live in the US and had money i'd buy the dvd'

well i spent a lot of money making 2 versions of the dvd, a NTSC and PAL version, in otherwords, should work world wide. go to my website and check out the stroe, you'll see.

THANK you for the FANTASTIC review


i nove this series. I love his little blue beard. nice work.


firstly,i'd like to say im glad the Paladin finally got some recodnition
awesome,purly awosome
But why did you have to killl the crow!he was sorta cute
next time,try using a few more accurate spells,when he turned the undead, he didnt use a holy symbol,and he didnt Smite evil once in the whole series


Has any body but me noticed that this movies icon looks a lot lik kakashi's Sharingan Eye?