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Reviews for "PALADIN episode 5 part 1"

Well done!

I think the villain-hero speech and retorts were the best part of this episode. You really called to attentions some of the questions I'm sure were in everyone's minds. I really liked how it played out.

Your voice work for Radiel really reminds me of Ninjai. I wonder how that happened.


good video
but a necromacer that holds to much po is soon torn aprt by his/hers on power but if they can handle it they will soon manifest into liche but the tirual has to be prisise or they will become a simple servant necromacer to te undead


Yeah you are great.


You have got so much better. Your work is some of the best i have ever seen.

Lag? what lag? i dont see any lag on the video

The paladin- i think this tower need a elevator LOL
Good video