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Reviews for "PALADIN episode 5 part 1"

Don't be dumb Eddy

The elevator whas enchanted.
A men is a men,at any age,a true man always fights.
You must be a sissy.....you never cryed out of anger and hate?Your not human.
The priest whas possesed,nothing cud save him,it whas him or the whole humanity.


This is the best in the series yet, and completely shattered my thoughts of your limits. The audio was almost completely clean, the video itself wasn't too short, and to get right down to it, this was just... Epic(Rarely used word in my vocab)


The Elevator was activated by ressurection magic?
Hes spitting and screaming thats gross! old men should not yell!
Btw why is paladin guy crying? whine whine!
Holy CHEESE! the paladin guy just killed a holy man!

This just keeps getting better

This will be one of my favorite series. The whole story in general is amazing and that necromancer made a point he's done nothing to the paladin...yet.

Again, great work!

You can just taste the amount of work in this. Craftmanship! Or... animationship?