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Reviews for "PALADIN episode 5 part 1"


so a year and a half? "full time"?

like no work no school, wake up animate, go sleep for a year a nd a half?

thats alooot of deterimattttttttion!!!

did you have any breaks or anything?

im verrry curious.


that was pretty sweet man. good work.


havent commented in a while but this animation was actually really impressive.


I can't wait for part two!

i loved

part 2 comes out in just a few days too. i cant wait to see it. the more i watch the more i love. you are a great artist with things other than sticks. the paladin series is proof and a testament to your skill as a serious flash artist. the voice-overs have greatly improved since episode 1 and the storyline is great. part 2, im sure, will be great as well. i cant wait to see it.