PALADIN episode 5 part 1

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DO NOT vote poorly because of lag as the result of the detail I put into this.
There is a LAG FREE VIDEO version on youtube I encourage people to see (go to my website for details) if this version lags for them.

This animation and its second part have taken over a year and a half of FULL TIME work to complete. It's all a one man production so please vote accordingly, because in the end all that time in making this finale, has been utilized to make something as entertaining to you all as possible. ENJOY!!


omg why me?!

i wuz wondering why u changed the kind of style u used thru out the series because the first was probllay when u spent the least amount of time on if im correct or sumting and then it gets better graphix and stuff GAWD DAMNIT I WISH I COULD ANIMATE CAUSE I WOULD ONLI USE MY COMPUPER FOR THAT ?›⌐(//_-)

Good series

I say its a good series so far. The story is kind of clich escept for the first movie. The Story can be a lot better if you add more suspense/drama cause it looks like that you just want to get to the point.

The graphics was great, the animation was great, but the audio didnt work out so well but the voice is great. I gotta say, i like the way you have done with there eyes, that shows true detail.

And one more thing about the story, it was kinda (dont know how to put this) an unreasonable plot. Like why didnt the god of strength battle the god of undead or his apprentince? Why does it have o be him?

Just a couple suggestion.

1. Dont stop the series, keep it going after the Paladin kills the apprentince. I have a couple of great story-lines i have in mind.

2. Put more intense action, the fights were kinda dull

3. Put more emotion into the character. However when the paladin come face to face with the apprentince, he looks like hes crying.

4. Dont put (perhaps its too late) a person that just recived a god's sword just like that. Cause it would've been to easy for anyone to steal it.

5. add a little sneak peek on whats comming after this saga.

Man, i wish i could animate (if i knew how to) because i would be making movies all day ^^. I have a very creative mind and people to back me up.

Waiting For Part 2!

I watched the Series from #1 till now, and they just keep getting better and better graphic wise.

You got good lip Syncing!

And the story is pretty good, not going to say I've seen the same "Bad guy, ooo god guy gives someone powers to kill him" Kinda story before. But you are making it all your own.

Again, Waiting for the part 2!

Keep up the good work!

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seen this before...

well lad, sorry but i just gave it an 8 couse of the hard work and good graphs, but really u coulda made some extra effort with the story... i enjoyed it a bit i guess...

Pay no heed to the last person.

A well though out epic story, of course where there's great art like this there will invetably be that one critic that trys to downsize your work. Pay them no mind for they only WISH they had the talent to pull off what you have created.

Your series is still a internet sucess, and deserves better treatment. Well done. Can't wait to see the end.

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Jul 6, 2007
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