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Just A Day In ClayWorld 2

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EDIT!!! I fixed the ending menu, only just realised that...
Here it is, the sequel to the hit movie (hehehe...) This is: Just A Day In ClayWorld 2!!! In this, the claymen get bored, and buy a Game Playing Machine. Hilarity ensues. PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to review JADICW 2, please don't whinge about how this is a rip-off of Knox. I know that, and the style of JADICW will change. (not the look, though, sorry bout that) This is all my own work, etc, and all my own ideas. thanks.

See Just A Day In ClayWorld 1 from my links, rate, review, and most importantly, ENJOY!!!!

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Plot overall was o.k, some scenes dragged on a little, voice acting needed improvement and perhaps some better recording equipment, some sounds were rusty and couldn't be made out. None the less, gotta love Mario and his cheats and over sized aged beards. A little childish for my taste but you did mighty fine.


TamiyaGuy responds:

Thanks for the review! I think the sound problems were actually compression in Flash. It was either have the audio quality like that, or have a 15MB file to download :\.

Yep, the humour was pretty childish, but I don't know... "clever" humour doesn't seem to sit well in the hands of idiotic blue blobs xD.

Great to see you liked some if the movie though. Thanks!!!!

it was better then JADICW 1

but still improve

TamiyaGuy responds:

Thanks for your input! But what didn't you like about it? I want JADICW 3 to be as good as it can be, seeing as it's taking so frickin' long. :)


Great once more make another!!

TamiyaGuy responds:

Thanks for liking it!

Believe me, I really want to make a JADICW 3, and it's all set up, but I can't find any time! WHERE DOES IT ALL GO???

Knox in the making

Even if the style wasn't completely original, you did an excellent job there...also, kudos on actually finding a place where my crappy music fits >.<. Up to this point, I had regretted even uploading that song.

TamiyaGuy responds:

the famous AceIH has reviewed Just A Day In ClayWorld 2??? Wow. Thanks for your thoughts on JADICW 2. I just was looking around for SMB music, and thought that was perfect ^_^. And your music isn't crappy, I've no idea how you made that so rockin' :P.

Well, really happy that you liked it, and look out for JADICW 3!! (not for some time, though)


As good as a Knoxesque claymation can get, without being a Knox film itself.

TamiyaGuy responds:

Thanks for the great review! I'm thinking for hurrying up to make JADICW 3, now...

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4.21 / 5.00

May 21, 2007
7:28 AM EDT