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The Epic Raid on NG

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Author Comments

This movie is about the *chan raid on NG.

And what a raid it was.

This movie will give you a brief glimpse into what it was, the history of it, and what really happened.

A win for Newgrounds today, but perhaps a darker tomorrow...

Also, thanks to Celarent for the kick-ass music.

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You got a five in five from me. Shit's funny. Who the fuck are the chans? lolz

star for music, star for keeping me awake

with text. but you said it yourself.

"i know it's shit, i made it in an hour, and it's just text and pictures (of text lawl) i have no idea why it has this score"

never knew about this raid. But there is no reason to give these Bobos any more attention than they need.

gl with any animations you make in the future!
btw mindchamber schooled you :x

Radioactive24 responds:

Lol, MC is my nig, we go way back. Besides, I don't think he can "own" me if I agree with him.

And the reason I made this? Sheer hilarity. And the fact that about 8 bazillion of my other idiot friends made a movie too.

If only we had listened to them

many lives would of been saved.

Anyways on to the flash.

I loved how you did the "what was that plan again?" their plan was like pissing into a lake of piss. The music was a very nice choice and was funny the way it suited movie.

Very funny, if short

Would have loved it if it was longer, but it's not your fault since they really gave you very little to show!

Loved the music. Gave a one for violence since they did try, and maybe someone hurt their finger blamming their viruses.

Nice style and well done for taking the piss out the losers.

Didn't hear much about the "second raid" was it equally as embarrassing?

Radioactive24 responds:

Thanks for the review.

As far as the "second raid", I don't think it ever even happened.


Haha, yeah, that was good. At first I was really disapointed that I wasn't online during the "raid", as I wanted to see the fail in person, but I had no idea it would be this epically bad. It's a good thing I was linked to your submission so I could get the lowdown.

I mean seriously, for a raid, what a disgrace. As I said, it's not that I thought anything would happen anyway, but I did think there would be more than this.

Nice little tribute flash to quite possibly the least effective raid in interwebs history.

Radioactive24 responds:

Yeah they were "too lazy". lmao.

But yeah, thanks for the vote.