Reviews for "The Epic Raid on NG"

Heh, no kidding.

I logged onto Newgrounds expecting to see chaos, and instead I see...NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Brilliant movie! Woo woooooo!

Radioactive24 responds:

Thanks, and I know what you mean.

I at least wanted SOMETHING to happen.

Maybe not HabboHotel huge, but still, a little more than a ripple would have been nice.

What Raid?

This was pretty funny, but what is actually is an NG raid? I mean the dramtic music stab were good, and so was the music along with tha sudden screen messages. But what is a raid? Anyway, good timeline with the things that don't really matter, pretty funny.

Radioactive24 responds:

A raid is when one site gangs up and spams and tries to destroy/rape/masscre/plunder/
etc. another site.

The *chan sites tried to raid NG and failed. Horribly.


I expected this to br thrown together and be a bit shoddy. But it looks like some effort has been put into this.

Well made and presented. Fifened and Favourited for the memories and as the chans would say, "for the lulz".

Radioactive24 responds:


I did rush this a little, but, I don't like half-assing things, so I put some effort into it. So I could "have the lulz" too.

Usually I Would Blam This

But the raid was so bad it was hilarious.

Good job! :)

Radioactive24 responds:


fun time

that "raid" was pretty fun...ahh...javascript blamming...this video really braught back the good memories...*fave*

Radioactive24 responds:

*high five*