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Power Star 3

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*update* 20th
Glitch! the preloader dosent seem to move so it apears to be broken. HOWEVER IT AINT! so just keep loading the movie untill i fix the problem.
* update*
Thank you all for front page!! Made my day :p
For those who havent seen part 1 and 2, watch this anyway. You wont miss out on story.
The third installment to the Power Star series is finally here. Power Star 3 picks up were part 2 left off, and rockets right into action. Mario and Luigi's deadly brawl continues. The winner will decide the fate of the universe.
I had a hard tme making this episoed. The amount of times mt computer stuffed up is uncountable. Then at the end of production, my computer completely died. luckly I had an old back up. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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An epic battle between brothers continues.

Honestly, I want to see more of Power Star. I know it's ended and all but.. if there is a way to make it possible, make it happen :)

This episode is so well done,However.It just doesn't really fit with something.It's just fighting,It could be longer.But it's still good.!

D-SuN responds:

I do agree, it's weaker than the others. Originally I wanted Power Star to be a trilogy - Power Star 4 is what Power Star 3 should have been.

This series is awesome!

Mario need to kill him, he's only his brother, it's not like that his sister