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Reviews for "Power Star 3"

Couldn't have been more intense, dude!! Awesome!!

I remember the day I saw Power Star 2, and I thought that was amazing. And now the third installment is done, and it's much more amazing then ever! Though I did notice a glitch in the fight scene, but I get those problems sometimes, so w/e, I still enjoyed it.

The best scene ever was when they fought over the platform over the lava. That was intense as well as the nice blur effects. Shows that Sprite movies still kick ass! w00t!

The bad part was that I was kind of offended by the commentary reguarding Alvin Earthworm's SMB Z series. But then again, it is true that his jokes aren't very funny, but I still love his series.

Above all, man, Great work! Good luck making the fourth installment, because I will definitely look foreword to it, even if it is your last sprite movie! And I hope to God there will be no more computer crashes! Aside from that, awesome work, Daniel! You get tens across the board and teh five like you said! :D

I love this.

The commentary made it funnier! serious intense fighting though. Yay sprites! XD

I had totally forgotten about this!

That is until I found my old review for part 1! It truly is a excellent action series. Now bring on part 4!

OFF DA MUTHAFUKKIN CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was 1 of the best fight scenes i have ever seen

when is the next 1 commin out?

Jesus on a Jet Ski!!!

Now that is the purest action of bit animtion i have ever seen O_O
I can't wait to see the last part and i hope it is good :D

(Part 4 review here also)
Holy flying banana =O
That is one hell of a ending >:)
Soo much power and love...and blood and gore, wow :)
To bad it is your final spirited flash :(