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Endless War 3

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Weekly 3rd and my first Daily Feature! Great! Thanks a lot everyone!

Endless War is back!
In the third part you'll find 30 new missions, lots of new guns and ALL weapons and missions from previous parts. Also, now you can choose equipment for each mission.
And don't forget to check option, which makes all guns available for any mission.

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to operate "OK" button u have just to move away from "This Way" zone.

btw this game was one of the best shits on my childhood
-All stars * * * * * * !!!

Fix the OK button.

ok button not work.

Been playing this for about 10 years now, it never gets old!

pretty good, but the shotguns and bolt/semi rifles are underpowered and the automatics are overpowered, 99.99% accuracy, and there are no trees. the hunting for reds level was very fun in the original endless war because the shotgun guy you play as could kill fast and be killed fast, but here the new gun (American 180) is weak and inaccurate and the original gun he used, the SPAS-12 has very low accuracy, I dumped 7 shotgun rounds (full clip) into a AK trooper medium-short range and none hit and I died. And there are no trees so you fight pretty much all the enemies at once. semi auto rifles have the same accuracy as a SMG when spammed and you don't have as much bullets and reserve ammo, bolt action rifles are inaccurate when spammed, though in real life the accuracy would be only a little off, making it only good for the bayonet, plus they kill slower then SMG's. A lot of the levels are boring as its either the enemies kill each other or your allies kill 90% of them. The bloody campaign is bullshit with the standard weapons.