Reviews for "Endless War 3"


i love you these rule i was wondering if another would come out

Total kick ass

This game is just.....indescribable...so any hint on when EW4 is coming out?

War is truly.... Endless

This was a huge improvement! I mean WW3 was an awesome campaign and also they had working vehicles! it felt like even more of a war not like 2 because 2 dis improve a little but it was still OK but this... this HUGELY IMPROVE IT! I mean all the parts and all the weapons! Kudos to you my man and make more games!

there's only only 1 way to make it better

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my 3rd time playing this game now and it never gets old its still one of my fave submissions on newgrounds. I forgot to add to faves last time so it took a while to find this o.0 Anyway, awesome game just ww3 is a little hard but i still give it 5 stars