Reviews for "Endless War 3"

Great game dude

One of the greatest games I've played on Newgrounds.

Side note: If you're reviewing, use punctuation, or at least use a proper sentence.


great game!
add: vehicles more levels
remove: world war 3 mutants campaign
And it will be perfect

Dare you to find a better game on NG

This game is AWESOME!!! Ive beaten it about 8 times and still love it. can't wait for ENDLESS WAR 4! WWOOOOTT!!! Even with major historical inaccuracies it I give it all 10.

Time to review!

I've seen this game in many pages, I've played until the very end of my laptop's battery the first time i saw it... I wondered around to find it again, since I forgot the name, and the web site where I found it was brought down.

Now thanks to newground, I've found the very game I played when I had nothing to do... I really liked this game, and I recommended to anyone and everyone. 5/5 & 10/10. Keep Up the Good Job


I loved it! Other then some minor pathfinding problems it was awesome! OKAY FIRST

Historical innacuracies: The H&K 28 does not exist, but the Germans need a shotgun sooo. And in the first mission of the Iraq war campaign, the Enfield is a British weapon.

Suggestions: A cold war campaign would be awesome! Vehicals. And a British WW2 campaign. An if you have time, it would be nice to drive.

OKay you rock