Reviews for "Endless War 3"

The most epic seires in all of shooters here!

Fave game

Just one problem...

The enemies are ominiciant!!!
im sneaking up on an enimy with my knife ready, they turn around, and BLAM! Im dead.
Omniciance has NO place in War!

The concept is alright.

Just my opinion, it would be cool to play a remake with bullets hitting instantaneously, fixing the collision detection, explosives being powerful enough to kill anyone, more realistic enemies being able to avoid obstacles, not moving in straight line allowing you to shoot and take cover without moving the mouse, reactions being triggered by gunshots and explosions, not just by walking into their sights, compensating with lower health, making unavailable certain guns without the cheat like the fictional H&K 28 (weird design, the Germans didn't use shotguns in warfare), the MAC-10 for the Viet Cong, the SKS for the Red Army (not in service at that time), the correct magazine capacity for all guns, realistic reloading and cocking a bolt action rifle, leaving the M72 LAW and RPG-18 unreloadable, the double-barrel and Anaconda not ejecting shells.


Awesome game. Love the game play and weapon selection. Only thing you might ad are a few more guns and drivable vehicles.

Awsome game

very addicting