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The Adventure(s) of Snarf

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Author Comments

Now that I have your attention when it says the end thats NOT really the end. When the replay butten comes up. And the Finale Countdown scene is suposse to look bad.

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Pretty damn good

Good: The graphics were drawn really well. The animation was tweening but you made it look good. There was also a lil FBF in it too. It was very violent like in the beginning and some other parts. Also, it was freaking HILARIOUS.

Improvement: The sound was speakonia. I hate speakonia. Plz get some voice acting and then you'll get 5 by me.

Overall: No idea why it got 1.73 score.

Review Request Club

Took my breathe away!

I thought some clock 'spinoff' would be boring, but this was really funny!
The graphics were very good and even better considering where you started from, you get a 9 for the graphics.

You didn't really copy much of anything so this is very original, you get a 10 for style.

The sound was usual, but the voices and dialogue were hilarious. You get an 8 for the funny talk.

Wow, snarf is a pretty violent guy... =( You recieve teh 7.

I didnt get to do much.... except laugh! =) Sorry, but a zero is going to cut it.

This was freakin hilarious and was definately worth it. This is surefully going in my favs. You get a 10 for the laughs.

Overall you get a 9 for all the fantastic features you integrated into the flash. Thanks for the entertainment, snarf!

a massive factor

+++ I liked the ending, just before the credits. Interesting.

+++ Some well-matched music

++ The newgrounds tagline was vaguely amusing.

------ Voices were often hard to understand. No subtitles, which would help.

---- I hated the bad flash. At first gonna watch it all, like I normally do with stuff I can skip, ('just so I don't miss anything'), I decided that I could stand missing a few seconds of purposely awful animation. Dismayed to see the button didn't work.

-- The self-referential story of 'OMG, we're bad at this artform! Let's make another! Hey! It's still bad!' is overplayed.

-- The way the anchor moves around on your face and the way you only have 2 frames when turning, whilst the anchor moves kinda 'smoothly' is irritating.

As indicated above, the fact that I couldn't understand the voices were a massive factor in my displeasure at this.

It all seemed like it dragged on for too long, too.

Rather dull, I felt.

xthesnarfx responds:

My first review that tought me something. My next flash will not dissapoint you.


^^Good Points^^
When watched all the way through, this was a very good movie. After the crappy flash scene, this started to get much better and your humor became more creative and a little bit more mature. The graphics were pretty well done, good animations and good drawings too. A very funny storyline in this movie, I am liking these Dock people! Mission accomplished.

^^Needs Improving^^
First impressions are very important. This movie made a terrible one. For some reason in the beginning the animations were much cruder. Also, the bad flash scene was FAR too long. It shouldn't have been more than a few seconds long, as to not bore the audience.

xthesnarfx responds:

I have answers to your needs improving thing. Yeah I know that the finale countdown scene was waaaaay to long. At first I was planning on makeing a skip butten, but it wouldn't work for some odd ressone (im guessing because it was gana skip to something in the same scene). And the ressone that the begging part was really bad was because I started this when I was first getting into flash so I wasn't that good. I picked it back up about 3 weeks later at the line "Was that really nessisary?". I hope you have found your answers.

Credits & Info

4.59 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2006
7:31 PM EST