Reviews for "The Adventure(s) of Snarf"

Dock Division!

Alright! Nice use of the masking tool, and the FBF scequence must've taken awhile, right?

I really like the graphics, but the BGs were a bit bland and your character looked... kinda fuzzyish...

The humor was the overall greatest thing that made this flash wht it is.


Awesome flash!

It was hilarious....I like the music for the final countdown flahs thingy.....Great work and create more.......

It definately has the clock humor

But not the clocks!! Well i guess there were some, but i didnt really like the anchors, but il let u slide on that (p.s. Ball hands r t3h suckz0r).

xthesnarfx responds:

I know I know, but I did make fun of ourselves when strawberry dock turned into a clock

That was...ridiculous

SUMBIT. Great spelling.

Snarf, you outdid yourself. The voices sound robotic, but whatever. That was pretty hilarious.

A Work Of Pure Art

I laughed, I cried, I fell asleep. Such a wide range of emotions conveyed in such a subtle, quaint little film. Simply brilliant, simply a rivetting piece of cinema. Two thumbs way up.