Reviews for "The Adventure(s) of Snarf"

A Work Of Pure Art

I laughed, I cried, I fell asleep. Such a wide range of emotions conveyed in such a subtle, quaint little film. Simply brilliant, simply a rivetting piece of cinema. Two thumbs way up.

It definately has the clock humor

But not the clocks!! Well i guess there were some, but i didnt really like the anchors, but il let u slide on that (p.s. Ball hands r t3h suckz0r).

xthesnarfx responds:

I know I know, but I did make fun of ourselves when strawberry dock turned into a clock

Awesome flash!

It was hilarious....I like the music for the final countdown flahs thingy.....Great work and create more.......

I see the workings of a great group.

You guys could become the next good Clock Crew rip-offs. That was a very decent (and accurate) flash. Even if your other works suck, at least you'll be better than Kitty Krew.


This was a master piece.