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Lost Rhapsody 2

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This is my second full-length flash movie. Most of it was drawn and/or rotoscoped by hand except for a few frames that I let flash autotrace. It'll probably only make sense to people who watched season two of LOST, but I hope the rest of you like it too!

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I thought this was better than the original, mostly because of how it was animated. I admit that I'm not that familiar with this Weird Al song. I'm also not that familiar with the songs he was parodying either. The artwork was still great. I was wondering what it would be at first. I thought maybe it would be the "Bohemian Rhapsody" song changed for "Lost".

Yes, that was awhile ago. It's weird to be watching this now. We shall remember this show. I love seeing all those faces again. Well, at least the ones you drew with this weird technique.

never got into lost but. . .

the songs bring back a lot of memories from my childhood, I almost forgot wierd al made this song. I love the monty python finish, lol. Thanks for the reminiscence.


but what are the NUMBERS for?

Lost, huh? Rhapsody... again.

This was excellent, ya know!

Another LOSties's must watch on NG.

If you're not a real Lostie and had watched this video, SHUT UP.