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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

I liked it a lot ...

It was very well done, the syncing to the music was better than a lot of things here on Newgrounds. Plus, I can't get over the hilarious use of this song in this way.

I loved that PWNED thing too, lol.


the intro was orgasmic, I loved this. I like the cartoon drawn style of it.


The ending was messed up but very funny. I watched the first one so many times. Glad you made a second.


Dunno what the guy underneath me is on about, this flash is a massive improvement on your original Lost Rhapsody. The ending was good, I wasn't expecting a cheeky nod to Python, especially one using the four-toed statue!

hmm good...

its awesome but not as good as ur first one... end was kinda stupid