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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

LOL@ Review below mine

First, the fuy who did the view below mine is a complete ASSHAT. Look at his title. Guess if your smart enough to understand lost, you smart enough to not need correct grammar.

Anyway, AWESOME flash. I didn't understand it because I was lost since Lost is so confusing (Polar Bears on the island??? LOLWUT??). But, incredebly well drawn and animated.

Everyone who thinks LOST is stupid and go fuck off

Good and funny video, but seriously all of you LOST haters can find a rusty nail, go to a corner, and fuck yourselves with it! LOST is actually a decent show if you're smart enough to understand it! God damn you LOST haters!

The Medly belongs to

Weird Al Yankovic (I didn't whatch it all the way through cause I got bored at the first five miliseconds.)

good music

lost and lost parodies suck, but the medley was brilliant.


pretty dang awesome, this was funny. And beautifully animated too, I've never seen anything like this