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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

good job again

love your animation style, but it would look WAY better and would be some of the best i have ever seen if you added more frames to make it alot smoother


dude, those are amazing graphics. Anyway- That was cool, and pretty funny.

Had so much potential

First thing i have to say, what was with you putting those numbers in during the movie? like the one in his eye or the one where locke and the priest guy were in irish clothes?
Second thing is that the problems with animation stuck out to me because the majority of it was amazing animation. the difference in quality was large and that took off 2 stars.
You gonna make one of these for season 3?

great graphics!!!

the only problem is there is polka. please. no more polka. btw, great job on the graphics. and i love the ending! never saw it coming. me or that guy!

the funniest ending ever!

i LOVE the ending! it is hilarious! 10/10.