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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"


Extremly funnny and the graphics were pretty good.

Yay lost season 2!!!!!!!!!

I love Lost and I love weird al!!! I saw all the episodes of lost seasons 1-2. still waiting to see the 3rd season! Thats really cool. I could name everyone in the video from Ana Lucia to Siaed to Jack and Charlie and Claire. Hey, why didnt u put the part about the sky turning a weird color and the horrible screaching sound? just wondering... overall great movie!!! the graphics were OK for this kind of movie and yeah... but hey everybody, i smell a sequel in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hilarious keep it up XD

also can J-kamikaze and his boyfriend stop writing chain letters for attention, just stick to p*ss and fart jokes whilst giggling like pre-pubescent girls, sorry if there is any mispelling too busy watching the animation again. :D

Great Again!

That was some nice animation! *votes 6/5*

you perfected on perfection

Not just the music, but you did extremly well on that animation the best being in the very begining. You still had the Disc World thing in there, and the Monty Python Flying Circus at the end. LOVED IT!