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UPDATE June 21, 08
A whole lot of people have been wondering (and hoping) if I will make a sequel. Personally I don't think I will. This Flash is about as overrated as it gets. I made this in, what, 5-7 hours at most? This is not my best work and the fact that it has the best score is kind of annoying. All because it's a Mario Parody. And a very over-done one at that. So 10 to 1, no sequel. But if I get bored enough one day you may see a sequel. Probably not so don't get your hopes up :)


Ello Newgrounds,
Yeh, it's a movie, pretty much little clips. Watch. Enjoy. Vote. Review. You know the drill.

If anybody wonders, in the last clip the level used was a real level. Can you find out which one?

And if anybody is wondering, I was bored. I made a clip. I liked it. Made another, and that lead to this.



Ha, this is adorable! Lol, the singing Goomba, and the Piranha plant on the Weird Al bit, the other singing... Well made. :)

Awesome! lol! what's the name of the sound / song at "Buzzy's Attack" part?

awesome ilike the koopa singing

Pretty funny, I loved the Goomba that sang in Nickelback's voice, the singing Koopa, and the marching buzzy beetles.

I was really liking "Bowser Like Whistles" and "Crazy Koopa" because they're fun!

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2006
9:39 PM EST
Comedy - Parody