Reviews for "Mario Television"

great stuff...

i liked your audio selection for starters...
very humourous and random stuff...

keep up teh good work and we wnat more of that...

Wurmy responds:

Who knows, I might make another one :D


Oh. My god.

This is one of the best pieces of Mario related flash ever. You gotts do more of these, man! You could be HUGE!

Wurmy responds:

I don't know if I'll make more, but who knows. Maybe one day.

Television in the mushroom kingdom is so cool!!!

I loved that. It couldn't have been better unless you used more... "advanced" sprites. Though the original sprites are still cool. Anyway, where did you get those Kickass songs? Especially the ones with the goomba & the Koopa. & the Credits music. Where can I get that music? Please tell me! I want those for my own flashes!
Anyway, the part with Mario as a (possibly?) Superhero was the coolest part. and so was the the one with Bowser's Whistling Music.
Though the one with the lakitu was plain wierd. Was he smoking Crack? Or was he just acting wierd for no reason?

Wurmy responds:

All the songs are in the credits.. go read them.. Glad you liked it though, and no. There was no crack involved within this Flash. Thanks for the review xD



Liked the Indiana Jones reference


that $#%+ is funny