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Magic Crack Rocks

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My First Sumission to get Front Page!

*yawn* Just getting some practice under my belt. If you don't know who the characters are, watch my other two cartoons (preferably the first one). Enjoy. WATCH ON MEDIUM OR LOW QUALITY!!!

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Really, REALLY, needs a video game, or pc game, like DMC, or something like that.

I will NOT watch on low quality!

When I saw the words Magic Crack, I had to see if it was anything like something I saw, and drank, in a dream I had about two years ago: a mysterious canned soda called "Magic Light", only found, already canned, inside a glacier, and sold exclusively by the mining company that discovered it. It doesn't really have the stimulant effect of crack, but was actually just a euphoric, and only mildly addictive. ("Magic Light" is copyright of/by me, 2010.) The freaky thing is the hue of the color you picked for Magic Crack: it's the same one that occured in Magic Light, only yours is light and mine was dark (though yours had a little more green it it, I think).


dont smoke crack kiddies


it was great and was pretty freakin funny i look forward to more

i likie

good animation as usual,keep up the good work, love what you have been compiling so far, i expect to see more