Reviews for "Magic Crack Rocks"


This one just a topper, kinda short, but it has everythin that makes anime to great!

Didn see Devilslayer yet, but I will after this.XD

I don know why ppl have trouble with this flash. The graphics are simple that's true but for this style they're perfect, the sound has no real prob, could be clearer but still...
It's a bit short but I think cuz this is a side thing or somethin. :)

it alright to me i rather enjoy it.

although i think the voices need alittle work and also it feels like.....well it just feel alittle to short to me but the animation and the way it looks is great. the art makes up for the voice and length issue.

good story and a good lesson

can tell whats going on in the fights a lot more in this one then the last one. much much better nice job

Although the animations better in this one...

I can't help but feel...

I dunno, it's been a long time since you made this so it's good.

8/10 5/5