Reviews for "Magic Crack Rocks"

omg i luv it!!!!

i write stories alot on my laptop but i this one is amazing, i have one similar to this im typing up now but this rocks and wat happens after he falls in the tub!!!!! i wanna see

JazLyte responds:

Thanx hehe...Who knows, I might just make a sequel...


sweet way to tell people not to use crack
unless u use aleans

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man! Hmm...aliens....

Could've been better

well everything is a bit.. squarish other than that.. :P pointless fighting. and it's a funny way 2 show the message xD

JazLyte responds:

I know, man how long ago did I make this movie? But the pointless fightin' is what makes it so loveable, biatch! Thanks for watchin'!


Very nice animation, although the word synching was a little off. But I like the battles! And, I love the message. I was expecting Whitney Houston to pop out at any minute. *LOL*


...just needs to work on those battle animations and to have better audio...