Reviews for "Magic Crack Rocks"

magic crack

what just happened kniw what i dont care because it was awesome


voices are really bad srry dude but the flash was a solid 7 lolz but voices killed it

that was the shit

um kalen i just wanted to say that you rock even though this is my first time watching one of your creations but still your awesome dude and i'm looking foward to enjoying your other creations ^_^

Don't smoke crack...

...'coz it might just give you magical demon powers.
(srsly dont)

.......It's good, but...

All the main characters are fucking black. Why no whites?!?!?!? >XC

JazLyte responds:

I don't have any obligation to animate white people into my cartoons lol. Your Favorites list is littered with all-white cartoons, but I don't see any reviews asking why they're all-white. People just animate/draw what they can relate to. I don't mind wonderbread cartoons. You'd be surprised how fun something can be to watch if you pay attention to the cartoon and not the characters skin colors :D Try it