Reviews for "Magic Crack Rocks"

hella tight

Aye yo that was good homeboi
keep it up with stuff like this aight

JazLyte responds:

I will, cuz. You don't gotta worry 'bout that ^_^




Guess Im not high enough to get that. :P looked cool

JazLyte responds:

You don't gotta be high! XP

10's all round

10's all round for you my magical friend, (im gonna assume that you used a mouse to make this flash) it was really well done, espicially with a mouse i liked how flashy and awesome it was ummm i cant sum up this flash and yes im aware im r not am making of any sence? along with m spelling errors this is next to impssoblie top read, if you respond use the word "Unicorns" the end. keeps up the Godlike Work, oh dear it look like i only used 300 Charcters >_>

JazLyte responds:

Thanx, glad you enjoyed it, man, stay tuned!

Unicorns. ;P

The Shit

Man this is the shit i watched all of ur shit and this is the kind of shit that is on tv good animation good soun ald all that shit u shold try to get it on the tv

JazLyte responds:

That's what I'm aimin' for!