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Escape from Helltowers

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Author Comments

Thanks for front page! ^^

This is my first game and submission to NG. Hope you all like it. :)

The objective is simple: escape the evil research facility Helltowers with your life.

Note: There are prisoners to save in this game, but I omitted their dialog and any interaction with them in this version to quickly get it finished. This doesn't effect beating the game though.


-- Will Harrison


Here are some tips for the difficult parts:

- Always shoot repeatedly and fast (especially with the Zappers).
- When you dodge, you can double tap the up key and it will always work.
- Save up HV ammo for the 2 lower levels (purple and dark areas).
- Don't waste EX ammo on Zappers (you'll likely miss and waste the few EX ammo there is).
- When shooting Zappers, wait till they get to their highest point and hit them twice.
- Use HV ammo on Zappers if you have any (you'll destroy them in 2 hits).
- If you can't beat a Zapper coming after you, walk out of the screen (if you can) and come back.
- EX ammo is useful if you're being attacked from both sides and you want to quickly dipose of one or both enemies.

If you follow these tips you should be able to beat the game in 3 or 4 tries. :)

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this kinda sucks but it has its own charm lol

It was an ok game, it had good graphics, a decent background, decent main menu ambient, and ok gameplay.

But there's some problems that prevented this from being 5 out of 5 stars!

1. Prisoners cannot be saved. Their interaction was omitted according to the description of the game. But that makes them useless in the game.
2. Only three enemy types in the entire game, they all look the same too.
3. No way to regain any health throughout the entire game. You could of at least made health items extremely rare instead of nonexistent.
4. The game takes place in only one hell tower. The other two hell towers are....

to be continued!

It won't be.

5. No character backstory, he's just a prisoner at the hell towers. He doesn't even have a name. It could have been just a brief backstory.
6. Also no helltower backstory. From what i could see in the game, they seem to kidnap people and turn them into zombies......but why and how???
7. Because of all of the above that I have mentioned, the games feels incomplete. Like it was rushed just so it can get on the front page.

This could have been a classic. But instead, it's just an average game nowadays on Newgrounds.

3 out of 5 stars...

why don't you try telling us how to free the damn prisoners everyone wants to freaking know obviously ..how do you free the prisoners!!!

Blam this piece of crap!

I want to know this:how do you save the prisoners? you could also add more controls next time and shoot with the mouse instead it would have been easier so 3 and a half stars because it was a good game but needed better controls

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2006
9:14 PM EDT